L.A. Outlines Rotary's Future + Open World & Mbrsp Conf.

Literacy, Health, and the Future of Rotary were in the spotlight 18 June at the fourth plenary session of the RI Convention in Los Angeles.

The goals of The Rotary Foundation for 2008-09 were addressed by Jonathan Majiyagbe, chair-elect of the Foundation Board of Trustees. In addition to keeping their promise to the children of the world to eradicate polio, Majiyagbe said, Rotarians need to support the Foundation's Annual Programs Fund and Permanent Fund .

"To refuse to support [the Annual Programs Fund] is like refusing oxygen to a living being," he said. "If every Rotarian gives at least $100 every year, this translates to more than $120 million annually --money that will allow us to provide clean water, alleviate poverty, and fight hunger and illiteracy."

Majiyagbe also asked club and district foundations to partner with The Rotary Foundation by committing at least 10 percent of their funds to help fully endow the Rotary World Peace Fellowships program .

RI President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson concluded the session by speaking about the future of Rotary. "Each year," he noted, "hundreds of thousands of young people around the world participate in our youth programs, developing a relationship with Rotary that we must foster, in the hope that some of them, if not all of them, will one day become Rotarians and be the very future of Rotary." * It was announced at the Conference that Rotary’s motto of “He profits most who serves best.” has been changed to “They Profit Most Who Serve Best”.

U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, of Alaska, USA, on 20 May, awarded the 2008 Open World National Grantee of Merit to Rotary International for its ongoing commitment to sharing U.S. political and civic life with future Russian leaders.

The senator presented the award to Rotary Foundation Trustee Carolyn Jones of Anchorage, Alaska, USA, and Past RI Director Grant Wilkins of Denver, Colorado, USA. Both have played a role in the success of the Open World program. "I am excited to see the evolution of the Open World program over these nine years and the continued partnership between Rotary International," said Jones, in a release. "Rotary's mission is to promote peace and world understanding, whereas Open World's goal is to increase U.S.-Eurasian understanding and partnership. We were a natural fit."

Established by the U.S. Congress in 1999, the Open World Leadership Center at the Library of Congress is intended to enhance cooperation between United States and the countries of Eurasia and the Baltic States. To achieve this, Open World develops a network of leaders who travel to the U.S. to experience and learn about democracy, accountable government, and a free-maket system.

Stevens, an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Girdwood, Alaska, praised Jones' for her role in the program. "I am particularly appreciative of the work she has done to make the Open World program successful," said Stevens. "She has demonstrated a great commitment to service throughout her career, and her efforts have been recognized both in the United States and in Russia."

R. I. President Wilf Wilkins, who was also on hand to accept the award on behalf of RI, helped organize the latest Open World initiative in Denver. Thirty Russian health care professionals spent a week in April examining health fairs with the expectation of implementing the same type of exhibitions back home. "It's really a win, win, win," said Wilkins. "The government pays. We host the visiting Russians. And they go back and say `Go Rotary.'"

2008-09 Presidential Membership Conferences - 2008-09 RI President Dong Kurn Lee invites Rotarians to 1 of 12 presidential , membership conferences being held throughout the year to generate ideas for developing club membership. Targeted to Rotary clubs, these two-day conferences include small-. group discussions aimed at identifying best practices for member . recruitment and retention and adapting to change.

Topics Changing demographics . Developing goals . Volunteering trends . Mentoring , Identifying prospective members. Every Rotarian who is interested in strengthening Rotary should attend. These conferences will also address child mortality, one of President Lee's top concerns. Participants attend at no cost to Rotary International.

Dates / Location / Conveners /Organizing Chairs
7 July / Tokyo, Japan / RI Director Kazuhiko Ozawa, convener, / Past Director Toshio Itabashi, organizing chair
11 - 13 July / Canberra, Australia / RI Director-elect John Lawrence, / PDG Len Goodman, organizing chair
18 - 19 July / Auckland, New Zealand / RI Director-elect John Lawrence, / PDG Andrew Meek, organizing chair
1 - 3 August / Johannesburg, South Africa / Past Director Tony Serrano, / PDG Greg Stathacopoulos, organizing chair
8 - 9 August Buenos Aires, Argentina / Past RI President Luis Giay, Past Director Carlos Speroni, organizing chair
15 - 16 August / Sao Paulo, Brazil / Director Themistocles Pinho, / RRIMC Jose Antonio Antiorio, organizing chair
24 - 25 October / Merida, Mexico / Director-elect José Alfredo Sepúlveda, / PDG Jesse Devlyn, organizing
6 - 7 December / Vienna, Austria, (Deutsch) / Co-conveners: Director Bernard Rosen, Director-elect Catherine Noyer-Riveau, / Past Director Peter Krön, organizing chair
12 - 13 December / Leicestershire, England / Director R. Gordon McInally
/ Past RIBI President John Hockin, organizing chair
9 - 10 January 2009 / Phoenix, Arizona, USA/ Director-elect Phil Silvers, / RRIMC Greg Podd, organizing chair
5 - 7 February 2009 / Cairo, Egypt / Convener: Past Director Julio Sorjus, Co-convener: PDG Azzedine Kettani, / PDG Mohamed Delawar, organizing chair
27 - 28 March 2009 / Baltimore, Maryland, USA / Director-elect Mike Colusardo, / PDG Toni McAndrew, organizing chair

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