Rotary International Rezoning - 2009

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USA Zones and Their Districts (effective June 2009)

Rotary International Zones 28 and 29
Zone 28 in pink; Zone 29 in purple (the Great Lakes are in blue)

Rotary International Zones 24 and 32

Zones 24 (in red) & 32 (in blue)


Rotary International's Board of Directors are elected by Rotary's 34 zones. Rotary Bylaws require the composition of the zones to be reviewed at least every eight years to ensure that each zone has approximately the same number of Rotarians. At its January 2008 meeting, Rotary International's Board of Director approved a realignment of zones. The decision states: 146. 2007-08 Zones Review Committee Report. DECISION: Click here to read Zone Realignment decision article by then Rotary International Vice President Mike McGovern.

View new Rotary International Zone Structure (ppt.)

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