2007 Rotary International Assembly

One incoming Governor's pictorial Assembly experience

The 2007 International Assembly, one of the most important Rotary meetings of the year, ran from 28 January to 2 February in San Diego. Not only was the assembly a chance for the 532 incoming Rotary International district governors to get the training that helps them better serve clubs in the year ahead, but it was also the forum where Rotary leaders announce goals for the coming year. RI President-elect Wilfrid J. Wilkinson unveiled the 2007-08 RI theme, Rotary Shares, along with his presidential emphases, and the Foundation's future vision. As an incoming Governor, it was exciting to attend the Plenary sessions and be inspired with the various keynote speakers, reconnect with Rotary friends, meet my classmates from around the world, and get prepared to lead my District to a successful 2007-2008 Rotary year. - Marlene B. Brown

Rotary International 2007-08 President Wilf Wilkinson

District 7150 Governor-elect Marlene B. Brown

2006-07 Rotary International President Bill Boyd, DGE Brown, Trustee Chair Luis Vicente Giay

Incoming R. I. President Wilkinson meets DGE Brown

Meeting 2008-09 Rotary International President-elect Dong Kurn Lee, from Korea

Reconnecting with incoming Trustee Chair Bhichai Rattakul, R. I. President 2002-03

Reconnecting with Glenn E. Estess Sr., Rotary International President 2004-2005

Reconnecting with Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, Rotary International President 2005-06

Reconnecting with Jonathan B. Majiyagbe, Rotary International
President 2003-2

Reconnecting with Frank Devlyn, Rotary International President 2000-2001

Reconnecting with James Lacy, Rotary International President 1998-1999

Reconnecting with Richard King, Rotary International President 2001-2002

Reconnecting with Cliff Dochterman, Rotary International President 1992-1993, author of "The ABC's of Rotary"

Translators busy interpreting for past, present, and incoming Rotary Int'l Officers from 200 countries & regions of the world

Incoming President Wilkinson addressing the private incoming Governor's luncheon

Reconnecting with Rotary International Trustee Carolyn Jones

Meeting my GSE counterpart, from India & his wife

DGE's Narayanswzmy & Brown enjoying the sessions

Reconnecting with Assembly Moderator Frank C. Collins, Jr.

Reconnecting w/incoming Zone Director, Mike Colasurdo, Sr.

Marlene & Earl enjoying and learning

Reconnecting w/RLI Officers Dan Spencer & Mike McGovern

Podium set for opening session, Above, and flags lined up after Parade of Nations, Right

Reconnecting with Rotary International's General Secretary, Ed Futa

Reconnecting with Rotary International liason, Francoise Garcia

Reconnecting w/Assembly Trainer Toni McAndrew, Right

Zones 31-32 DGE's gather before dinner

Enjoying a private Rotary Int'l party with PDG Dick Drukker

Enjoying a private Zone party with Assembly Moderator Frank Collins & wife, and Zone 31-32 Director Mike McGovern

Zone DGE's sharing and enjoying

With partners and Rotary colleagues

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