Assistant Governors – Revised Amendments to Rotary Code of Policies

The RI Board amended the Rotary Code of Policies

At the October Board meeting, The RI Board amended the Rotary Code of Policies section 17.030.1., regarding the role, selection criteria, and term of assistant governors, effective 1 July 2020. (Decision 57)

Assistant governors are appointed by the governor-elect to motivate and support a group of designated clubs to thrive. 

Duties for assistant governors may include the following:

• Visit each club regularly to discuss the club activities, resources, and opportunities
• Support clubs in setting and achieving goals, finding solutions to challenges, resolving conflicts, and meeting their district and RI administrative requirements
• Serve as a liaison between clubs and district committees
• Assess clubs’ ability to thrive and mentor club leaders on strategies to make their club successful
• Encourage clubs’ involvement in district activities and committees
• Keep the governor informed on progress of the clubs
• Stay up to date on Rotary initiatives
• Share status of clubs with successor

Minimum criteria in selecting assistant governors shall include:

• Active member in good standing in a club in the district for at least three years
• Served as president of a club for a full term, or as a charter president for at least six months
• Additional criteria in selecting assistant governors should include:
• Knowledge of clubs, district and Rotary including relevant policies and Rotary’s online tool
• Demonstrated leadership skills and qualities including, listening, communication, motivation, accessibility, integrity and being proactive
• Regular participation in district events

Assistant governors may be appointed on an annual basis for a one-year term, subject to reappointment for a total of three years.

It is recommended that no past governor serve as an assistant governor.

Districts are responsible for determining any financial support provided to assistant governors.

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