DRAGG - Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group

Disaster Relieft Rotarian Action Group - DRRAG

DRRAG December 2008 Conference

REDI (Rotary Emergency Distaster Initiative) and DRRAG (Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group) held its 2008 Conference in December in Nassau, Bahamas. View pictures below:

The beach resort hotel (above) & R: the opening ceremony

John J. Eberhard, RIPD, DRAGG Chair

Charles E. Clemmons, DRAGG Treasurer

Barry Rassin, RIPD

LeGrand Malany, DRRAG

Tom Branum, RI Director addresses the group

Gerard Van de Burg manning the online comments

Enjoying the reception networking

Enjoying lunch networking

Richard McCombe, IPDG - D7020

Marlene Brown, IPDG - D7150 & RID Rassin

Above: IPDG Brown & PRID Eberhard - D7150;
R: enjoying an evening barbecue at RID Rassin's home

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Disaster Relieft Rotarian Action Group - DRRAG

DRRAG Provides Missing Link

Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group (DRRAG) Provides “Missing Link” among Rotarians to better respond to global communities struck by disaster

November 26, 2008 London ON, CN – The Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group, recognized by Rotary International, today launched an innovative online initiative that will connect Rotary’s 33,000 clubs worldwide in a massive online community focused on improving the organization’s global disaster relief efforts. The Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG) online network, powered by IGLOO Software, will provide a worldwide community for Rotarians to participate in disaster preparedness, response recovery and community rebuilding efforts of areas struck by disasters.

The New DRRAG community will connect 1.2 million Rotary Club members in massive network focused on increasing the effectiveness of global relief efforts. “The community will give DRRAG the capacity to better engage Rotarians in our disaster relief outreach and provide a mechanism for action,” says John Eberhard, DRRAG Chairman. “Together IGLOO and DRRAG will be a constructive force for good in the service outreach of Rotarians.”

Eberhard says Rotary International has long played a role in relief efforts, most recently in Myanmar, China, the Caribbean, India, Pakistan, and the southern USA. “But by using powerful new community and Web 2.0 social networking software, DRRAG will significantly increase the support for our member clubs to coordinate relief efforts, funnel donations and provide support for the implementing agencies on the ground.”

When a disaster occurs, specially trained professionals from one of the more than 200 countries and geographical areas Rotary operates will tap into the DRRAG community to solicit support from members, provide volunteering opportunities, provide links to other international emergency management NGO’s and governments and keep them updated on relief efforts, and then channel information and resources to the dozens of agencies that respond to global crises.

DRRAG will use the community to respond to requests from District Governors of Rotary in affected areas to assist them in raising funds to respond to local disasters. Eberhard says DRRAG will be an enabler, supporting on-the-ground relief efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other relief agencies. But he says that after temporary shelter and water and food have been provided, too often victims are left on their own. DRRAG will stay involved over a longer term to support health issues, education, governance, infrastructure and rebuilding efforts.

As a first step, the DRRAG community will play a key role in training club members globally using project protocols of how to respond to local crises. The program will focus on preparedness, response, recovery (rebuilding) and remediation. It will stress the importance of forging close links to other local emergency management organizations.

How can you get Involved? Process your annual membership fee of US$25.00 and you are a member of the DRRAG network.

Rotarian Action Group membership is open to Rotarians, Spouses of Rotarians and Rotaractors. We would like to ask every recipient to forward this email to all Rotarians in your personal network and have them join this rapidly growing network. For any questions about DRRAG or general enquiries, please do not hesitate any DRRAG zone, district and/or club coordinator.

We need your involvement & support. - John J. Eberhard, QC LLD., Chairman, DRRAG

The DRRAG Organization

The DRRAG Organizational Model

The main function of “Disaster Relief – Rotarian Action Group” (DRRAG) will be to ensure community preparedness, work on emergency response (disaster relief initiatives), and help in the coordination of any recovery and rebuilding programs in the areas affected. The ongoing role will be training, needs assessment, fundraising and working collaboratively with the Rotary International Network in global efforts to mitigate the immediate and long term affects of natural and other disasters.

DRRAG Country Coordinators
The terms of reference for DRAG Country Coordinators is evolving. Among other responsibilities will be the linkages of the major NGO and Government Emergency Response organizations within the Country. These relationship are intended to foster a close working relationship in preparedness and response situations in which Country Coordinators will provide the invaluable services of communication and links to Zone, District and Club coordinators. They will be the key spokesman in the Country for all DRRAG communications to organizations outside of Rotary. In turn will be expected to work with Zone, District and Club Disaster Operations Officers and coordinators who will work with the clubs and community E/R teams and organizations, so as to ensure the establishment of local emergency response committees. DRRAG President, Lee Malany, will be circulating material in support of this position.

Zone DRRAG Coordinators
Among other responsibilities will be the appointment, by Zone Coordinators, of the District Coordinators within your Zone. These in turn will be expected to appoint Club Disaster Cordinators who will work with their club committee to ensure the establishment of local emergency response liaison.

District DRRAG Coordinators
The terms of reference for District Coordinators or "job description" for a District Coordinator is to create, with the permission and under the direction of the District Governor, a District ____ DRRAG Committee. Among other responsibilities will be the appointment, by the District Coordinator, of the Club Coordinators within the District. These in turn will be expected to appoint Club Disaster Operations Committee, made up of people with specific responsibilities who who will work with the community to ensure the establishment of local emergency response committees and liniks with existing related organizations. These grass roots committees will have very specific terms of reference which are now a work in progress. In the very near future, DRRAG, will be circulating this material. We will be working in cooperation with other RI entities.

Club DRRAG Coordinators
The terms of reference for Club Coordinators is evolving and in due course, we will forward to you a "job description". Among other responsibilities will be the appointment of the CLUB DRRAG Committee under the guidance of the President and his/her Board in in cooperation with the District Coordinator. The Club Coordinator will work with the committee and the community clubs to ensure the establishment of local emergency response liaision.


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