A life-changing, amazing India/USA Rotary journey, that continues

Feb. 2008, District Governor Marlene Brown & husband Earl Lewis traveled to India at their own expense to: take part in the NIDS Polio drops; the inauguration of 'Gurukulum' (a Matching Grant Project between our districts); visit their Club Projects; and present at their Club meetings & their District Conference. While there, District 7150 Governor Marlene Brown & District 3200 Governor L. Narayanaswamy cut the ribbon on the inauguration of a Matching Grant Project, a building called ‘Gurukulum’, which houses a sewing room. Skills learned there will allow these women to apply for a job at local factories run by Rotarians in this garment industry. Lead person on the Project on the India end was Rtn. Mathavan (Maddy), who was our GSE Team Leader that year, and Tirupur North Rotary Club.


Left: 2008, Unveiling of the Gurukulam plaque outside the building; Right: The formal ceremony
L to R; at podium Rtn. Maddy, at table Rtn Earl Lewis (eClub) D 3200 Governor Narayanaswamy, D7150 Gov. Brown


L: Rotary woman learning their new skills in Gurukulam. R: Yarn grown in fields turned into cotton

L: on the production line, inserting graphics; R: On the Assembly line, beginning & finishing the graphics


2008 Above: Gov. Brown greeting happy school children * R. Gov. Brown administered polio drops in Delhi.


2012: Above: India Rotary Club’s “Flag Off” Ceremony * R: Dignitaries involved, past & present, ready for shipping

2012: The finished t-shirts arrive at Utica NY Children’s Museum; R: Part of Museum’s 1st floor Rotary display

The Children's Museum in Utica NY is the headquarters of Rotary eClub NY1 & a sister Club of India's Tirupur North RC.