Understanding Matching Grants & District Simplified Grants

Matching Grants
Through Matching Grants The Rotary Foundation matches contributions raised by Rotary clubs and districts for international service projects involving Rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries. Frequently, these are World Community Service (WCS) projects. The Rotary Foundation provides a 1:1 match for District Designated Funds SHARE contributions and a 0.5:1 match for new cash contributions.
What is SHARE?
Through SHARE, Rotary districts share in the decision-making process by choosing which Rotary Foundation programs they wish to support and participate in. The Rotary Foundation's programs are funded through voluntary contributions made by Rotarians and others who believe in the Foundation's mission. Their support demonstrates their commitment to enhance the quality of life for all people, to create greater understanding among nations, and to advance the quest for peace in the world.
The SHARE system is the mechanism by which Rotary Foundation program awards are distributed worldwide. Through the SHARE system, contributions to The Rotary Foundation are transformed into Ambassadorial Scholarships, Matching Grants for International Humanitarian Projects, Group Study Exchanges, and more.
At the end of every contribution year, 50% of each Rotary district's contributions to the Annual Programs Fund are credited to their District Designated Fund (DDF); the other 50% is credited to the World Fund (WF).
The World Fund is used by the Foundation to pay for the worldwide programs available to all Rotary districts, regardless of specific contributions. DDF is used by the district to fund the Foundation programs in which it chooses to participate, such as Ambassadorial Scholarships, credit toward the sponsor portion of a Matching Grant, or an extra Group Study Exchange.
Because districts share decision-making about program funding with the Trustees, every Rotarian has a voice in planning for the future. Each year, members of the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC), in consultation with Rotarians in their district, decide how the district will use its SHARE DDF. SHARE offers a wide variety of program options for districts to choose from in using DDF.
The Rotary Foundation has a unique funding cycle that uses contributions for programs three years after they are received. The three-year cycle gives districts time for program planning and participant selection, and allows the Foundation to invest the contributions. The earnings from those investments pay for all administration, program operations and fund development costs.
The system is called SHARE because the name defines what the system does:
· Rotarians SHARE their resources with their fellow Rotarians around the world.
· The Trustees SHARE some of their decision-making responsibility with the districts.
· Rotarians SHARE Rotary with the world through their Foundation.
How to apply
Applications are accepted from 1 July to 31 March and approved from 1 August to 15 May. Requests over US$25,000, as well as applications involving Revolving Loan Funds, will be considered by the Trustees at the biannual meetings; therefore, applications must be received and complete by 1 August for consideration at the October meeting and by 1 January for consideration at the April meeting. Information on how to fill out a Matching Grant application and the application process can be found in The Guide to Humanitarian Grants and the Applications can be downloaded here.
Terms and Conditions and Eligibility and Reporting
Download here information on Terms, Conditions, Eligibility, Frequently Asked Questions, and Report Form.

District Simplified Grants (DSG)
District Simplified Grants (DSGs) are a tool for Rotary districts to support short-term, humanitarian projects that benefit the community. Districts can request up to 20 percent of District Designated Funds (DDF) for a grant to support multiple projects locally or internationally.
How to apply
District Rotary Foundation chairs and district governors-elect are strongly encouraged to submit a completed District Simplified Grant Request to The Rotary Foundation in the Rotary year prior to funds being available. District leadership receives the DSG Request form yearly by mail. Requests may be submitted between 1 July and 31 March. Funds will be made available in the following July. Clubs interested in receiving DSG funds must contact their district leadership. Funds are only made available to the district.
Terms and conditions and Eligibility and Frequently Asked Questions and Reporting
Only districts may apply for a DSG. Districts must ensure all expenditures are eligible according to TRF policies and guidelines. All grants of The Rotary Foundation require the highest attention to stewardship. Progress reports are required every twelve months for the life of the project(s). A final report is due within two months of the expenditure of funds. Download here information on All District Simplified Grants expenditures and activities of a District Simplified Grant.

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