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District Governor 2007-08
Marlene B. Brown


Marlene Brown, District Governor 2007-08 & Earl Lewis (Charter Founders of Rotary eClub NY1 of D-7150) with Rotary International 2007-08 President Wilf Wilkinson & wife Joan

Marlene B. Brown, 2007=08 District Governor, D-7150

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Marlene B. Brown

Marlene Burrows Brown, District Governor Elect, 2007-2008

On the personal level, Marlene B. Brown was born in the family homestead in Clinton NY. Her ancestor, Robert Burrows, emigrated from England to CT in the 1640's. In 1790, they traveled to Oneida County and built a log cabin - renovated and enlarged in 1794 to become the family homestead - which has been occupied continuously by descendants. Her mother and father, Bob & Betty Burrows, were active in Rotary with the Oriskany-Whitestown Club. Marlene is the proud mother of 5 (Bradley, Vanessa, Christina, Melanie, and Stacy) and grandmother of 5 (Jeremiah, Josha, Rachel, Trevor, Samuel).

On the professional level, Marlene is a former Senior English & Psychology teacher, and Syracuse University Management instructor. Founder/owner of two small companies, author of numerous books, articles and leadership programs, she has traveled extensively as an internationally recognized speaker and consultant. Marlene is 1 of 15 in the world to earn the combined degrees of Certified Professional Speaker & Certified Management Consultant. In 2001 Marlene was 1 of 20 recipients awarded the 1st Central NY Outstanding Women in Business Awards. In 2005, Marlene was one of 20 recipients awarded the 1st Mohawk Valley Outstanding Women in Business Awards. She is currently Executive Director of the Children's Museum of History, Natural History, Science and Technology in Utica, NY.

A Rotarian since 1995, Marlene was sponsored into Utica Rotary Club where she served on several committees and for 3 years Chaired the Program Committee. In 1999, Marlene was presented by then District Governor Ed Paparella with the Utica Rotary Club's Paul Harris Fellow for outstanding work in the Club and the District and was nominated to the Utica Rotary Club Board of Directors. When business reasons made Friday meetings difficult, she switched to the New Hartford Rotary Club.

In the New Hartford Club, Marlene was 2000-2001 Club Secretary, then 2001-2002 Club President. The New Hartford Rotary Club Board of Directors awarded her their Jim Hickey Award for outstanding Club Rotarian of the year. Some projects the Club undertook were: Make A Difference Day; Rotary Readers Program; a sponsor of the District's 1st Gift of Sight program; and sponsored students to the District's 1st RYLA program.

On the District Rotary level, in 1999, DG Ed Paparella asked Marlene to design and maintain our District & Youth Exchange websites, both of which have won 1st & 2nd places in Best of Rotary Web. DG Ward Vuillemot appointed Marlene to the newly created role of Internet Communications Officer. In 2001-2005, Marlene was presented with D7150's Governor's award for her services with the District Website and Internet Communications. DG Don Reese appointed Marlene Chair of the Rotary Centennial Celebration. In addition to being a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and Benefactor, she has presented at PETS, District Assemblies and Conferences; is a Rotary Leadership Institute faculty member; and Charter President of Rotary e-ClubNY1 of D-7150.

On the Rotary International level, Marlene is webmaster for Rotary Leadership Institute and Rotary RYLA websites; Member of Rotarians on the Internet & International Computer Users Fellowship. At R. I.'s TX Convention, Marlene was presented awards for Zone 31's Best District Website & Internet Communications Officer. In 2001, Marlene was asked by the Intl RYLA Chair to serve on the committee. In 2002, Marlene was invited to facilitate a session at R.I.’s Spain Convention. She and Rotarian husband Earl Lewis designed 1 of 15 Rotary e-Clubs authorized by R.I. In 2005, Marlene and Earl attended Rotary’s Centennial Convention.

Marlene states her number one priority in life is her family, along with her God, followed closely by her profession and her involvement with Rotary. In her spare time, she loves to read, research online, play the piano, update websites, and - most of all - spend time with her children and grandchildren.

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