in the Rotary e-Club NY1 of District 7150 and Steps to Take

The purpose of Rotary e-Club NY1 of District 7150 is to extend Rotary to business, community, and professional leaders in any Rotary District who are unable to meet traditional attendance requirements because of physical immobility, or extensive travel, or conflicting occupational demands, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing 7150 Rotary club. (View membership application in steps you'll take below)

To be a member of the Rotary e-Club NY1 International Community means:
You live or do business in any Rotary District in our Rotary world.
Your current circumstances are such that it is not possible to meet attendance requirements of a traditional Rotary club, which is typically a weekly meeting in a specific location.
You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business, or community role.
You commit to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test, and support the Object of Rotary.
You have been invited by a Rotary sponsor to join Rotary e-Club NY1 and approved for membership by its Board of Directors.
* You are willing to participate regularly in the Rotary e-Club NY1 Community and as appropriate and feasible you are willing to accept a leadership role. Club programs, forums and business are conducted in English.
* You are willing to be challenged to financially support club projects - including the Centennial Project the Cyber Club has chosen at the Children's Museum and the Rotary Foundation.
* You have regular access to the Internet and are willing to participate in the Rotary e-Club NY1 features.
* You are prepared to pay current dues of $75 a quarter, or $150. semi-annually, or $250. annually.

Where does our Rotary membership dues go:
Rotary International dues (includes Rotarian magazine); District 7150 dues; e-Club dues, and Projects. Our current projects are: raising money to send the desks we renovated to our Literacy Project in India; a Water & Sanitation Project in Haiti; and Rotary Polio Eradication.

When members contribute to Sustaining Membership in the Rotary Foundation, earmarked for the Annual Programs Fund (which supports Group Study Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Matching Grants for International Humanitarian Projects, etc.) and reach the $1,000 $USD total, they become a Paul Harris Fellow. Read more here. After paying dues for their first quarter, new members are granted a three-month trial period. If during this period the new member determines that Rotary e-Club NY1 does not meet their expectations they may withdraw membership cancellation without prejudice. Amounts donated to the RI Foundation will remain as credited to the member's RI account. If you are a former member from another District, and you have prior DDF credits, your DDF credits for your Sustaining Membership in The Rotary Foundation will accumulate if you join Rotary e-Club NY1.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Rotary e-Club NY1 of District 7150, and you think these membership requirements can be part of your future, we welcome you to apply for membership. (download membership info letter) * (download member invoice dues form)

Here are the steps you'll take to apply for membership in our Rotary eClub NY1:
1.) Download, Complete & Return via email our Membership Application form.doc or our Membership Application form.pdf.
2.) Have your sponsor e-mail Marlene Brown, Charter President, with his/her recommendations. (email Marlene with add'l questions)
3.) Send your $75 quarterly payment (or your yearly payment of $250) via our secure shopping cart.

Once we've received all three of these, we will take the following steps:
4.) we will email you of your acceptance into our eClub.
5.) we will request you email us your picture to add to our Membership page.
6.) we will email you your Rotary eClub NY1 Membership form.
7.) we will add you to the member database at R.I. and email you of this
8.) we will include your membership information in our semi-annual report to Rotary Int'l

Your responsibility as an eClub member would then be as follows:
- Do 3 online make-ups per month
- Complete 10 service hours per 3 months (quarterly) which could include either hands-on activities, Visiting other Rotary Clubs anywhere in the world (email those reports); helping with a Rotary-related fundraiser (each event counts for 1 service hour per quarter), or any project you're involved in which you feel qualifies.

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