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"There are just as many new things to be done as ever there were. Rotary must continue to pioneer or be left in the rear of progress." - Paul Harris, 1947

e-Club's Rotary Dist. 7150

Spending 30 minutes on our website constitutes an On-Line Rotary Meeting and meets the spirit of the newly RI adopted online make-up policy. If you are here as a Rotarian to do an e-Club Make-up, please follow these steps:

1.) Select one of the articles from the Article page and read it. 2.) Click the link at the bottom of the article page you choose, and complete all fields in the Make-up form (in approximately 100 words, sharing your thoughts about its value to you as a Rotarian and a report to your Club). 3.) Press the Submit button 4.) You may either print the mkeup or if you graciously choose to donate to us, we will then send you an email which you may print out or email to your club secretary.

Please also consider to Donate what might be consistent with what you would have paid for lunch at your Club. This will help support e-Club NY 1's projects and the cost of this website for make-ups 24/7. If you wish to Join our Rotary Intl e-Club NY1, read requirements here Join our Rotary Intl e-Club NY1, complete the information requested there & send. Enjoy and share!

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