Rotary International Zone Institute

September 2009 in Niagara Falls, Canada

L to R: Rotary eClub President Earl Lewis, Rotary eClub PDG Marlene Brown, RLI-NEA Chair Knut Johnsen, Rotary eClub member Ana Johnsen, RLI-NEA VP Dr. Tam Mustapha, Rotary eClub member Dr. Rahma Mustapha

L to R: Rotary eClub PDG Marlene Brown, Rotary Int'l Treasurer Mike Colasurdo, Rotary eClub member Ana Johnsen, Rotary eClub member Dr. Rahma Mustapha, at Major Donors Reception

L to R: R.I. Past VP Mike McGovern, PDG Marlene Brown, Hogie Hanson, Mgr of Rotary Int'l Fund Development Division

PDG Marlene Brown with 2010-12 R. I. Director Ken Grabeau

L to R: District 7150 attendees: Rotary eClub President Earl Lewis, Rotary eClub PDG Marlene Brown, District Governor Fred Cholet & Arlene, PDG Jerry Gortner

Past RLI-NEA Chair Dan Spencer with PDG Marlene Brown
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An Enjoyable Yet Bittersweet Zone Institute in Canada

September 8th to 13th, 2009 the Final Zones 31-32 Forum and Institute was held at Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a bittersweet weekend for many members of the former Zone 31, as that Zone is no more, its Rotary Districts now being part of Rotary Zone 29. This Zone Institute was, as Rotary International Director and Treasurer Mike Colasurdo said “…our ‘final reunion’ of Zones 31 & 32 and starting ‘our new beginning’ of Zones 24 & 32” along with Zones 28 & 29. In attendance from the old Zone 31 were District 7150 Governor Fred Cholet and Arlene, PDG Jerry Gortner, PDG Marlene Brown & Rotary eClub NY1 President Earl Lewis. Also in attendance were two other Rotary eClub NY1 D7150 members, Ana Johnsen and Dr. Rahma Mustapha, along with several of our Rotary friends from District 7170, including PRID Bill Cadawalder & Jean, PDG Dave Reynolds & Michelle, PDG Mark Kriebel & Pat, PDG Bob Grantham & Reginna, and PDG Marie Lusins-McLachlan, all of whom are now in Zone 29 with us. Our District Governor, Fred, participated in the march of sitting Governors from the old Zones 31-32.

One of the coolest things about Rotary is that whenever you go to Rotary event, whether it’s your Club, the District, the Zone, or International, it seems as though you’ve never been away long from Rotary friends. We got a chance to share Rotary memories from the Birmingham, England Rotary International Conference with R. I. President John Kenny & June. Part of the message President Kenny delivered was “The future of Rotary will not be shaped at RI headquarters, but will be shaped in each and every Rotary club.” We also shared memories at the Major Donor Dinner with PRIP Wilf Wilkinson & Joan, RIPVP Mike McGovern, R. I. Treasurer Mike Colasurdo & Ann, Zone 32 Director 2010-12 Ken Grabeau, R.I. Int’l Fund Manager Hogie Hanson, RLI-NEA Chair Knut Johnsen and Past RLI-NEA Chair Dan Spencer.

We all got to enjoy our Class Dinners, where PDG’s wore the jackets of their year as Governor, and the District Dinners, where we enjoyed with DG Fred & Arlene the photo slideshow that depicted many of us at Rotary events over the years. When we said our fond farewells, we realized that as we in District 7150 move forward, we will see District 32 friends at RLI events, and make new friends from Zone 28 as we embrace our new status as Zone 29, with our R. I. Director Tom Thorfinnson, from Minnesota. The memories will linger, as Rotary continues to spread our message of bringing peace and understanding to the world, and fulfilling our promise to eradicate polio. See you at the next Rotary event.

– by PDG Marlene B. Brown, Charter President of Rotary eClub NY1

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