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RI President 2019-20 Mark Daniel Maloney - Janurary 2020

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

People from all over the world have multiple reasons for joining Rotary. Many new Rotarians each year join for the same reason I did — because Rotary is a great way to benefit your career. When I was a new attorney starting out in Alabama, Gay and I became partners in her father's firm. He instilled in us the value of joining Rotary as a way to build relationships and demonstrate to potential clients that we were serious professionals who held firm to values even more robust than what our profession required.

Rotary's commitment to vocational service is built on the highest ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful work, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society. That last point is so important. No matter our profession, we all contribute mightily to the world when we conduct our work with integrity and always adhere to The Four-Way Test.

I have made balancing the demands of Rotary with professional and family commitments one of my priorities as president. No Rotarian should feel pressured to put in more time than a volunteer position should ever demand. This is true for several reasons, one of them being that the work we do in our day jobs is just as important to Rotary as the work we do in the organization. We carry our Rotary values everywhere, and our professional success helps build a case for Rotary every day we go into the office.

This is particularly important in our efforts to reach younger new members. We want to see a Rotary where no one is ever asked to choose between being a good Rotarian and being a good parent, business owner, manager, or employee. When we ask busy young people to join us, we should not be asking them to give up their time and freedom. We should be rewarding them with an experience that makes everything they already do even more inspiring.

Providing greater balance within Rotary will have another benefit as well: It will create opportunities for other Rotarians, including Rotaractors, to step up and take a leadership role on projects and committees. This will ensure that they remain engaged in our clubs and inspired to be Rotarians for life.

Throughout the world, Rotary is admired for its vocational service and for the time-honored values we instill in all business relationships. As we continue our work to grow Rotary, let us remember that vocational service remains a crucial selling point to potential members.

Rotary Connects the World, and by making Rotary's vocational service work known to people in more professions and at different stages of their careers, we will help grow our organization and make it stronger and more diverse.

Mark Daniel Maloney
President 2019-20


Trustee Chair's Message - Jan. 2019

Gary C.K. Huang, Trustee Chair 2019-20
Rotary Club of Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan

Trustee chair's message

Ni hao, Rotarians!

Something amazing happened in Vienna in October. A runner from Kenya named Eliud Kipchoge was the first person in history to run a marathon distance — 26.2 miles — in less than two hours.

For many years, experts thought this would be impossible. They said the human body was not capable of achieving this feat. But Kipchoge succeeded because he had an incredible team working with him. He had pacers who ran with him every step of the way, and people who made sure that he had the proper fuel and hydration. Every few miles, fresh runners were sent in to keep up the pace and help him reach his goal.

Like Eliud Kipchoge, Rotary has a great support team as we approach the final mile in our marathon journey to rid the world of polio. So many amazing Rotarians have helped pace this effort along the way, donating their time and energies to bring us close to our goal.

The World Health Organization has certified type 3 of the wild poliovirus as eradicated. This is big news! We have also gone three years without any wild poliovirus on the continent of Africa. It may soon be certified polio-free.
The final mile of our journey is a difficult one. Pakistan and Afghanistan are great challenges for us — but we have met so many great challenges before. Every time a goal has seemed out of reach, Rotarians have stood together and answered the call.

This is no time to lose our focus or to think the race is already over. Can you imagine what would have happened to Eliud Kipchoge if all of the pacers had gone home for the final 2 miles? He might never have reached his goal.
It takes a special character to pursue a difficult task all the way to the end. These are the times that we need each other most. In the Tao Te Ching, Laozi wrote that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. But it also ends with one step. And those final steps take just as much courage as the first.

Let's make history, Rotary — the finish line is within reach!


Gary C.K. Huang
Trustee Chair 2019-20

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