November 2005 Rotary International Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

The 2005-06 RI Board met for its second meeting in Evanston, Illinois, USA on 31 October through 4 November. The Board reviewed reports from 14 committees and recorded 97 decisions.

CLUB AND DISTRICT MATTERS The Board opened The People's Republic of China for the extension of Rotary clubs. The RI president will appoint a special representative who will liaise with Chinese government officials to pursue official recognition, to provide guidance to the extension in China, and to train future Rotary club leaders in association with District 3450.
The Board also opened Cuba to Rotary extension, effective 30 January 2006, subject to the provisions of RI bylaws section 15.010. The Extension of Cuba Committee is requested to identify potential Rotarians to establish a provisional club in Cuba. The Board agreed that all future clubs in Cuba shall be grouped in District 4200.
The Board opened Kosovo for the extension of Rotary clubs. Subject to the provisions of RI Bylaws section 15.010., future clubs will be part of District 2480.
To strengthen Rotary clubs in western Russia, the Board created new District 2220, effective 1 July 2006. Comprised of 46 clubs formerly in districts 1430, 2350, and 2370, the new district is in the process of selecting its first governor who will be trained at the 2006 International Assembly.
The Board emended the RI Order of Protocol to include officers of RIBI, RI and TRF committee and task force members, advisors, representatives, training leaders, and resource groups (including RRIMCs and RRFCs). The Board also adopted a recommended order of protocol for zone-level committee members, and district and club officers. The protocol listings are included in the RI Order of Protocol on the RI website.

RI ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCES In noting violations of the RI Bylaws in connection with the selection of the RI president-nominee, the Board has set aside the selection of past RI Director Donald E. Osburn, and called for a new Nominating Committee for President to meet on 5 December 2005. The Board directed the Nominating Committee to consider all whose names were previously submitted to the committee, including Past Director Osburn.
The Board reviewed and amended the goals and objectives of RI's Strategic Plan and affirmed that a new corporate project will only be initiated after polio has been eradicated. The Board agreed to review the strategic plan every three years, with the first review to be conducted in 2006-07, three years from the time the Council on Legislation endorsed the plan.
Additional revenue of US $550,000 from the US affinity credit card program was donated to The Rotary Foundation.

RI AWARDS, PROGRAMS, AND COMMUNICATIONS The Board selected 140 recipients for the 2005-06 Service Above Self award, which recognizes exemplary humanitarian service provided on a continuing bases by Rotarians who might otherwise go unrecognized. The names of the recipients will be announced at the end of the Rotary year.
As an online, searchable database, the World Community Service Project Exchange has served as a ready resource for locating club partners and funding for projects. Recent changes in Board policy have also required Rotarian Action Groups to list their projects on the WCS Projects Exchange. Considering the increased use of the WCS Projects Exchange and to better facilitate Rotarian involvement in projects, the Board increased the active project limit for clubs and districts registered on the WCS Projects Exchange database from one project per club to five.
Recognizing the efforts of Rotarians individually, through their clubs, and in districts throughout the world in assisting the many victims of recent natural disasters, the Board established a Disaster Relief program that will allow Rotarians to send contributions for specific disasters through a Rotary master account. Further details on this initiative will be available following the Board's February 2006 meeting.
The Board recognized two new Global Networking Groups: Rotarians eliminating Malaria Rotarian Action Group and the International Fellowship of Shooting Sports Rotarians. The Board approved general guidelines for those Global Networking Groups that may wish to incorporate. An additional 26 regional magazines were certified by the Board.

INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS The Board recognized and appreciated the efforts made by Rotarians in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA to host the 2007 RI Convention, but noted that the consequences of Hurricane Katrina required RI to move the convention to another city. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA was tentatively selected for the 2007 RI Convention. The Board also tentatively selected New Orleans as the site for the 2011 RI Convention.

Highlights of Actions Taken by the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation October 2005
The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International met from 23-28 October 2005 in Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A. The following are highlights of actions taken.

ADMINISTRATION: The Trustees elected Trustee Bhichai Rattakul as chairman-elect and Trustee Mark Daniel Maloney as vice-chairman during 2006-07. They also designated the October meeting as their annual meeting to be held 23-28 October 2006 in Evanston. The chairman, in consultation with the vice-chairman and the chairman-elect, will decide the dates of all other meetings in 2006-07.
The Trustees declared a moratorium on new associate foundations until the Future Vision Committee presents its report to the Trustees.

FUND DEVELOPMENT AND RECOGNITION: The Trustees endorsed a 2005-06 Annual Programs Fund goal of US$105,000,000.
To provide secure funding for the future, the Trustees adopted a fund development plan for the Rotary Centers for International Studies program to raise a cumulative amount of US$95 million in named and endowed support by 30 June 2015.
Recognizing the concern expressed by Major Donors that diamond circle pins do not distinguish between those who have made outright gifts to the Foundation and those who have made a commitment to the Foundation in their will or other estate plans, the Trustees authorized the development and implementation of wearable recognition that will provide greater distinction between the two groups of donors.
The Trustees adopted the Paul Harris Society as an official recognition program of The Rotary Foundation, effective 1 July 2006, to be administered at the district level.

PROGRAMS: Following a positive evaluation of the Rotary Centers partner universities, the Trustees agreed that the Rotary Centers for International Studies program shall be a permanent program of The Rotary Foundation.
Noting the decreased activity in the utilization of the Blane Community Immunization Grants program and with the agreement of Past District Governor Jack Blane, the Trustees agreed to terminate this program as of 30 June 2007, and to transfer the remaining balance to a polio-related account.
The Trustees increased the 2005-06 PolioPlus program budget by US$5 million, to US$24 million in order to meet urgent funding needs for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
The Trustees: Approved 15 Matching Grants involving Rotary clubs and districts in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, and Zambia.
Approved PolioPlus Grants for Afghanistan, Central Africa, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, West Africa, and Yemen.
Changed the name of the Foundation Alumni Resource Group to Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinators (RFAC), effective immediately, and encouraged the sponsor clubs of educational awardees to invite the awardees to participate in club meetings prior to and for at least three months following the period of their award. The Trustees established a Global Alliance of TRF Alumni for all Foundation alumni.
Agreed in principle, by a two-thirds majority vote, to lift the moratorium on Individual Grants effective 1 July 2006. Modifications for grant travel will be adopted at their April 2006 meeting. StewardshipThe Trustees reviewed and updated their policies regarding grant oversight.
In an effort to help districts and clubs to prepare and submit grant reports, the Trustees requested the general secretary to ask experienced current and past Rotary senior leaders and Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators to assist in obtaining these reports.

FINANCE:The Trustees received the Foundation's 2004-05 audited financial results as submitted by Deloitte & Touche. The results will be published in the Foundation's annual report.
The Trustees also: Appointed Deloitte & Touche to audit the books of The Rotary Foundation for the fiscal year 2005-06.
Noted with pleasure that 100 percent of program operations expenses for 2004-05 (excluding PolioPlus) were paid from the operating reserve in accordance with the operating reserve policy.
Approved a Conflict of Interest Policy for investment advisors to the Finance Committee of The Rotary Foundation.
Foundation Facts
Paul Harris Fellows: 971,367
Foundation Benefactors: 68,773
Major Donors: 6,812

NEW TRF TRUSTEES: President-elect Bill Boyd has nominated four distinguished Rotarians as Rotary Foundation Trustees to begin serving 1 July 2006. The incoming Trustees are: past RI Director Ron D. Burton, past RI President Glenn E. Estess, Sr., past District Governor K.R. (Ravi) Ravindran, and past RI Director Sakuji Tanaka.

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