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RI President Mark Maloney meets Rotarians and Rotaractors in one web session - Rotary Magazine for Germany & Austria.

Brittany Arthur from RC Berlin-International and Felix Heintz (Rotary E-Club of Bavaria International) had taken over the organization - and more than 400 inquisitive people wanted to be there: at the e-meeting, in which the current changes at Rotary and in the Rotarian family should be the focus.

It started punctually at 9:00 p.m. Central European Time. First, RI President Mark Maloney - interviewed by Jeffry Cadorette - told how "his" convention was ultimately canceled. He gave brief insights into the deliberations of the Executive Committee - and regretted not being able to personally greet any of the Rotarians and Rotaractors in Honolulu.

However, it was much more important to him that the developments should not be seen as a low point. His recommendation: appreciate what is now developing from the situation. "Connection is the essence of Rotary," he said. This can now be observed and felt more than usual. This web session also creates an important connection between everyone and the other members of the Rotarian family who were watching.

"Let's make lemonade out of the lemons we got", he spurred on the participants of the e-meeting - who exchanged greetings and tips in the background. Maloney concluded that clubs should use new techniques more - they are an opportunity for transformation. Because that is necessary: ??In the current situation due to the Corona crisis, there would be no other way, as the many web meetings and online channels also showed.

While Mark Maloney spoke about the growth that Rotary needed - a goal for several years and several presidents, by the way - the online seminar participants were given a glimpse into the home environment of the RI president. Hardly anyone would have gotten that close to him - and certainly not together with more than 400 others.

Looking ahead to other activities, including in Houston, where the convention will be hosted in 2022, he also spurred on those new to online meetings. He himself had to admit that he's only recently become a Whats Apper.

"Fun things" promised Felix Heintz, who also referred to Rotaracter's SmileAtHomeChallenge (on Facebook) and reported on a hybrid meeting - a visit to the church, which foreigners could also join via video stream.

His tip also: take an action. Resolve the situation (alone in front of the computer) through a hands-on part - such as displaying the symbolic last piece in time with a queen rock song (which 400 participants did great). Felix 'Club (an e-club) has been dealing with digital possibilities within the Rotarian life for some time and therefore had already organized online beer tastings with three friends of friends. A tip that is sure to find imitators ...

The final question-and-answer part provided further insight into the polio campaign, which continues to do well despite the events surrounding the corona pandemic, as Jeffry Cadorette reported. But whether there can be virtual sessions instead of the Hawaii Convention is still being discussed and explored. The rules regarding global grants changed due to current Covid 19 campaigns and an example from Great Britain, where donations go to poor food, were also brought up. And if you still want to browse the web a little: "World of Rotaract" has been providing variety around the clock - with online dance parties, dance lessons ... and ... and ...

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