R. I. President Message

RI President’s Theme 'Be the Inspiration' - July 2018

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

On the front line of this year's logo is the crest of a wave, representing my island, Bahamas, and the sea that surrounds it. The sea represents inspiration, and the waves are that inspiration striking the Earth. The waves are a primitive force of nature: constant, reliable and incessant. They change the world not only through your strength, but also through your constancy. Consider the Rotary another force of nature: a relentless force that creates positive change around the world.
The size and strength of the sea come from one source, but a combination of several. Streams that descend by mountains, streams and valleys serpentearam rivers that crossed megacities – all came together in one body. As sea, they are inspiration; as wave impact. When you see this wave, we understand the strength of our collective work and the unrivalled range that we as global citizens, people in action and Rotarians.

Multicolored sun rays behind the wave symbolize the diversity found in Rotary and the energy that this dynamic and lively background brings to all the initiatives that we participate. We have different backgrounds, different cultures and different skills. However, these differences do not divide us. On the contrary, they unite us – because our vision is a just.

Under the wave we see a heart. Rotary has heart and we feel empathy for those who suffer, making our mission to help those who need it most.

On the right side, the wave sculpts the sunlight in the form of a candle. This candle symbolizes the intrinsic direction of Rotary: we know where we're going and we just concentrate on our goals.

There is nothing that can stop us. Our connection, constancy, commitment and heart allow us to have an impact as strong as that of a wave that opens a channel through the rock. Today, nothing remains for us unless we take a step forward in our own clubs, neighbourhoods and communities, and Be The Inspiration.

Barry Rassin
President 2018-19

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