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India, Pakistan unite to bowl out polio.

India, Pakistan unite to bowl out polio

New Delhi - In an innovative move towards polio eradication, India and Pakistan cricket teams, though fierce rivals on the field, united in their mission to "bowl out polio" when they clashed for the third One-Day International (ODI) in New Delhi on Sunday.

"We need to ensure a world free of polio paralysis for children. We need to win against polio, to 'Bowl Out Polio'," said Pakistani cricket stars Younis Khan and Imran Farhat, who on Saturday administered polio drops to children in New Delhi and joined the appeal for eradication of the debilitating disease.

The two teams wore ribbons with 'Bowl Out Polio' when they played the ODI match on Sunday. The electronic periphery boards at the Ferozshah Kotla grounds flashed the message of "Bowl Out Polio".

A hundred children were at the stands wearing yellow jackets with messages against polio. The cards for '4s' and '6s' waved by the crowds also had the message "Bowl Out Polio",

The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board have extended full support to the polio eradication messages at the match.

While Pakistan is among the remaining three countries in the world still fighting the disease, India's battle against polio will continue until polio is eradicated globally. The event comes a week ahead of India's polio milestone anniversary.

On January 13, India completes two years without reporting any case of polio, an unprecedented progress for a country which until 2009 contributed majorly to the global polio case count.

This is the third time that India and Pakistan teams have got together to advocate for polio eradication.

Globally, polio cases have declined to record low levels.

In 2012, as on December 26, 215 polio cases were reported compared to 605 cases in the same period 2011.

Source : The Hindu

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