R. I. President & TRF Chair's Messages

Rotary Int'l President Gary C.K. Huang's

June 2014 Message

JUNE 2014 Messages:

RI President's Message - June 2014

When I began this Rotary year as your president, I wanted us, above all, to Light Up Rotary. I wanted us to share with the world how many wonderful friendships and experiences we have found in Rotary, and how Rotary has transformed and enriched our lives. I knew that by telling others about Rotary, we would increase membership, build stronger clubs, and improve our ability to help people in need.

As we end this 2014-15 Rotary year, I am honored by your response and will always be grateful for how you have risen to this challenge. You have answered my call to Light Up Rotary by holding many successful Rotary Day celebrations in your communities; you have outdone yourselves in your contributions to our Rotary Foundation; and you have moved all of Rotary forward with new members and new clubs.

When I chose my theme for my year as president, I was inspired by the words of Confucius, who said, "It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness."

This year, more than 1.2 million Rotarians, along with Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary Youth Exchange participants, and Rotary Peace Fellows, have lit their own candles in tens of thousands of communities. Together, the lights we have kindled have created a great light that shines for all the world to see.

I thank all of you for the opportunity to serve as your president this year, and for the hard work and dedication of our volunteer leadership and our staff members. I came to them with high expectations – and they delivered.

I also am grateful for the many friends I have made during this Rotary year, and for the wonderful visits I've had to so many places. I will always remember, with great fondness, riding on the Rotary float in the Rose Parade, watching children enjoy the Japanese drummers at the Rotary Day open house at RI headquarters in Evanston, and bicycling through the night in Colombo during the Ride to Light Up Rotary event, celebrating a polio-free Sri Lanka.

I have seen a new energy in Rotary this year, and felt a new excitement. We've seen more and more women and young people join Rotary as well – including my wife, Corinna, and our three children.

I hope that in the year to come, you will continue your wonderful work to Light Up Rotary – and to help it Be a Gift to the World.

Gary C K Huang
President 2014 – 15


Rotary International Foundation Chair John Kenny
Trustee Chair 2014 - 15

RI Trustee Chair's monthly message - June, 2014

This Year, We Must Finish the Job!.

Each month, I have tried to highlight various priorities of our organization's largest charity, The Rotary Foundation. They were my own thoughts, but I hope you found them helpful.

Our principal goal is the eradication of polio. Some of you may ask why we are still pursuing this when many of your countries haven't had a new case of polio for years. It is important to remember that we gave our word to eradicate polio, but we have not yet done so. We must continue until we finish the job – until all the children of the world are free from this dreaded disease.

It is surely the wish in all our hearts that there is peace in our world. Our Foundation is endeavoring to advance this wish with the establishment of Rotary Peace Centers in various parts of the world – a pertinent program in these troubled times.

Our Annual Fund goal of US$123 million is still achievable if our giving continues at the same generous level. Every Rotarian should give to the Foundation, each according to his or her means.

In my final message, I would like to express my thanks to those dedicated Rotarians who have supported our Foundation during the year simply by doing good in the world. I am always conscious that Rotary is a volunteer organization. The important work of our organization is undertaken by the Rotarians who are helping those less fortunate in their own communities, and in communities throughout the world that they may never even see.

I have always deemed it an honor to have been president and trustee chair. Thank you for giving me that privilege.
Remember, the future of Rotary is in your hands.

John Kenny
Trustee Chair 2014 – 15

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