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RI President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran chose Be a Gift to the World as his theme for 2015-16. Ravindran urges Rotary members to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. "Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."



RI President-elect K.R. Ravindran and his wife, Vanathy, are introduced to the audience at the 2015 Rotary Convention closing plenary session on 9 June in São Paulo, Brazil. The four-day convention attracted more than 14,500 attendees from more than 150 countries.

RI President-elect K.R. Ravindran introduced a member benefits program at the 9 June closing session of the 2015 Rotary International Convention, saying that many more hands are needed to continue Rotary’s work around the world.

The program, Rotary Global Rewards, aims to boost membership and enhance member satisfaction. It will debut on 1 July.

“This innovative new program will allow Rotary members to connect with hundreds of businesses and service providers from around the world -- and that number is growing,” said Ravindran. “These establishments will offer Rotarians discounts and concessions on the everyday business that you do. And, in many cases, not only will you benefit, but our Foundation will as well, by receiving a contribution with each transaction.”

The program will include discounts on car rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. Discounts on more products and services from companies worldwide are expected to be added throughout the year.

“It will be another way to benefit from being a Rotarian and being part of the Rotary network,” said Ravindran, whose presidential theme for 2015-16 is Be a Gift to the World. “I urge all of you to become a part of that scheme.”


R. I. President 2015-16 is a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka

K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran is CEO and founder of a publicly listed company with a worldwide clientele in the tea packaging industry. His company, Printcare Plc, is the winner of national and international awards of excellence. He also serves on the board of several other companies and charitable trusts. He is the founding president of the Sri Lanka Anti-Narcotics Association.

A Rotarian since 1974, Ravindran has served RI as treasurer; director; Foundation trustee; committee member, vice chair, and chair; task force member; RI training leader; and district governor.

As his country's national PolioPlus chair, Ravindran headed a task force consisting of the government, UNICEF, and Rotary and worked closely with UNICEF to successfully negotiate a ceasefire with the northern militants during National Immunization Days. He also chaired the Schools Reawakening project, sponsored by Rotary clubs and districts in Sri Lanka, to rebuild 25 tsunami-devastated schools to benefit 15,000 children.


Huang bids farewell

RI President Gary C.K. Huang joined Ravindran on stage to exchange club banners, a convention tradition that unofficially marks the changing of the guard.

The four-day convention in São Paulo attracted more than 14,500 attendees from more than 150 countries. Huang told convention goers that it was an honor to serve them as Rotary president.

“But what I value most [as president] are the conversations with Rotarians that, taken together, tell the story of Rotary,” he said. “Some of their stories make me laugh. Others, which may sound simple and ordinary, deeply move me.”

Huang talked about the projects he visited all over the world during his term, and how much they inspired him.

“Each time I witnessed projects, I always wondered: How many lives could we change for the better by bringing more people into Rotary?” We know great things don’t happen by themselves. We have to constantly challenge ourselves and others, and push the boundaries. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask someone to join Rotary.

“Rotary has shaped and changed my life,” he added. “I want to use my story to urge Rotarians to continue to welcome promising young people in your communities and to take care of those who need a little push from us. Someday, those we have helped might become a future president of Rotary International, or a successful businessperson, a mayor, or the president of a country. Within Rotary, anything is possible.

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