A Possible First, If you're a Russian, can you help?

Rotary International Convention 2012 with Russian language?

This year, for the first time in Rotary history, it may be possible to attend a Rotary International Convention with Russian Language. Yes, Maybe. I need you to help !!

The Board of Directors has agreed to provide $17,000 PER YEAR for Russian language translation at the next 3 Conventions. Thailand; Lisbon, Portugal and Sydney, Australia. $51,000.00 total and 3 great conventions.

To make this happen, we need 100 Russian Rotarians and Rotaractors register for the Convention, this year, in Thailand.

This is an extraordinary move by the Board. Only 100 people. There will be about 25,000 to 30,000 Rotarians in Thailand. You are special.

Why is the Board doing this? They are doing this so you will be inspired and spread the word about Rotary when you come home to Russia. You will see for yourself the strong International power of Rotary.

We have a great friend with Rotary Director Ken Grabeau. He gave me permission to tell you what he told me. From Ken, “Yes, the 100+ Russians at the convention is VERY important. I put a huge amount of pressure on the importance of this to the board, confirming to them that this is the most asked for support that I heard. It would raise serious questions in their minds and weaken their resolve to support Russia if there is not that level of attendance.”

We are special. We have the Boards attention. Come the Convention and help us show our strength.

Attending a Rotary International Convention is a unique experience. It is an opportunity to meet with Rotarians from around the world.

I joined Rotary in the month of April, 2 months later I attended the Rotary International Convention. I attended the Workshops, House of Friendship and Plenary sessions. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I came home with a love for Rotary that grows every year!

At the Convention you will.
1. Make new friends in Russia and around the world.
2. Gain new ideas on building a stronger club.
3. See for yourself the many fine projects clubs are doing around the world.
4. Learn new ways to make money for your club.
5. Listen to World leaders in business, entertainment and government, talk about their partnerships with Rotary.
6. Present your projects. We have a booth in the House of Friendship. Here you can present your projects.
7. Have fun with your fellow Rotarians. Have more fun with your fellow Rotarians. Have BOLSHOI fun with your fellow Rotarians. We have a great party planned for 6 May.

Join us in Thailand!

Yours in Rotary service, Rotary eClub NY1 President, Robert E Walton
(if you will be attending as a Russian Rotarian or Rotaractor, please let us know via our Makeup Form here.

Share your ideas on the Rotary Convention Russian Language, in approximately 100 words, and earn a makeup

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