Rotary International's Water Projects

Why the Need?
6,000 children a day die from water borne illness the equivalent of 18 jumbo jets fully loaded-per day! Only less than 1% of our planet’s’ water is safe to drink. By 2020 the demand for water will increase by 40%. Humans can survive only three days without water. The facts are compelling. Rotary International is urging all Rotary clubs to do a water project.

Water Projects
Rotary International's Community Projects Database incorporates examples of club and district projects in a wide variety of service and fund-raising areas. Rotarians, Rotaractors, RCC members, and Interactors can tap into the experience and knowledge accumulated through years of Service Above Self. When looking for water project ideas that may be of interest to your club, the database provides information including a short description of the project and a contact address. Those seeking to start a similar project can contact the sponsors for more detailed information and exchange ideas. You can get more ideas for water projects by downloading the Rotary and Water and Sample Rotary Club and District Water Projects PDF files.

Find a project partner
The World Community Service Projects Exchange is a "help wanted" database, where Rotary clubs seeking funding, donated goods, or volunteer assistance can publicize their community service initiatives, including water projects. Rotary clubs looking for a project to support can find a project that matches their club's interests. Although project support is not guaranteed, the Projects Exchange serves as a resource for clubs.

Find a Rotary club or district water project to assist
View a complete list of water and sanitation projects in the WCS Projects Exchange. If you wish to search the WCS Projects Exchange for water projects by country, region, project type, project size, or project requirements visit the WCS Projects Exchange Database search engine.

List your Rotary club or district water project on the WCS Projects Exchange List
To request that your project's needs be included in the World Community Service Projects Exchange, please complete a WCS Project Data Form and submit it to RI.

2005 Ethiopia Water Initiative
Rotary clubs in District 5030 in Seattle, Washington, USA; District 9200 in Ethiopia; and WaterPartners International are teaming up to bring safe water to Ethiopians in need. The project will benefit over 25,000 people residing in the poorest, drought-stricken regions of Ethiopia. Download the Ethiopia Water Initiative brochure.

The 2005 Ethiopia Water Initiative will:
• Help Ethiopians build and maintain sustainable, safe water systems and sanitary latrines;
• Reduce the amount of time spent by women and children collecting water;
• Decrease the prevalence of water and sanitation-related diseases with water and sanitation infrastructure and health education;
• Promote integrated water resources management at the local level with a focus on maintaining the quantity and quality of drinking water; and
• Promote reforestation activities to control land degradation, maintain groundwater supplies and in some cases generate income for beneficiary communities.
For more information contact David Spicer, Rotary Club of Lake City, Washington, USA.

Living Water™ Treatment System
A Practical, Affordable, Sustainable, Worldwide Solution For Communities With Contaminated Water

The Transportable LWTS provide a continuous supply of clean safe drinking water for communities up to 3,000 people. • Designed with state of the art treatment technology for use in developing countries• Transportable by pick-up truck to remote rural locations, Sets up in three to five hours - operational training 4 hours• Rugged in design using metal cages and strong parts to withstand rough transportation and continuous usage• Easy to maintain and low operating cost, $2.00 per 1,000 gallons• Treatment rate is typically 10 gallons per minute - up to 10,000 gallons (37,850 liters) per day• Reduces waterborne disease by removing Cryptosporidium and Giardia• Applicable for various water sources: streams, rivers, lakes, lagoons and wells• Sustainable by community appointed individuals who operate and maintain the system.

How Can Rotary Clubs Help Solve This Critical Problem?

Adopt-a-Village: Consider how your Rotary Club could change the life of an entire community. Your club could improve the health of every man, woman and child in a rural impoverished village. What a legacy! Adopt-a-Village in Honduras and change lives. For $10,000 you and your Rotary Club could make a significant difference. For your contribution, a permanent sign with the Rotary wheel, name of your Rotary Club and the name of the presiding club president will be placed in a prominent location in the village. If this is too large a project for your club at this time, partner with other clubs and together you can Adopt-a-Village.

Direct Contributions: Rotarians are very busy people. Many times we do not have the time to identify or develop projects with other Rotary Clubs in another country. Pure Water for the World, Inc. has projects of various sizes available for immediate implementation in Honduras and is ready to partner with Rotary Clubs in order to provide clean drinking water to children and their families. Direct contributions from Rotary Clubs to Pure Water will be efficiently and effectively employed in providing a community clean, safe drinking water. Implement your International Service goals by putting your dollars to work by Partnering with Pure Water to bring clean drinking water to those who need it the most.

Rotary Foundation Grants: Matching Grants from The Rotary Foundation are a powerful way to leverage club and/or district monies to substantially expand the size of a project. Matching Grants support broad-based international humanitarian projects with the aim of providing sustainable development, such as water projects. All grants require participation of 2 Rotary Clubs - -your club and a Rotary Club in the country where the water project is located.

PWW’s established presence in Central America enables us to facilitate cooperative working relationships between your club and in-country Rotarians. PWW can also provide valuable guidance with the administrative requirements of a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant. For more eligibility requirements on these grants, consult your district Matching Grant Committee rep or visit Rotary Intl’s website.

World Bank offers grants for water, sanitation, and energy efforts
Rotary clubs and districts looking for sponsorship for water, sanitation, and energy initiatives are encouraged to apply for the World Bank's 2006 Global Development Marketplace (DM2006) grants program.

Created in 1998 to provide direct support for innovative, grassroots development ideas, the annual program awards grants to winning proposals from groups and individuals such as governmental and nongovernmental organizations, private foundations, schools, social entrepreneurs, and students. Successful entries receive up to US$200,000 to help fund projects that satisfy a set of criteria, including a specific development theme.

The DM2006 application deadline is 30 November; a speedy response is therefore essential. Interested Rotary clubs, districts, or individuals can obtain more details and an application form on the World Bank's Web site or by sending an e-mail request to

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