Club and District Disaster Relief Efforts

Rotary International announces that the relief efforts below are being undertaken by individual Rotary clubs and districts. To contribute to these relief initiatives, please contact the Rotarian Disaster Relief Coordinator listed for the appropriate relief effort. Contributions should be sent directly to the account set up by the sponsoring Rotary entity.

29 December 2004
South Asia — Tsunami

Tsunami Relief and Rotary

In late December 2004, a huge earthquake off northern Indonesia triggered giant tidal waves and flash floods across western Asia . The quake, one of the largest in history and measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, struck in the Indian ocean southwest of Aceh province on Sumatra island and unleashed massive destruction throughout the region. South Asia was the worst hit region, with nearly 70,000 deaths reported as of 29 December. International aid has begun reaching survivors of tsunamis that swept across the Indian Ocean from Thailand to Somalia and r elief workers are now in a race against time to prevent other people from dying of disease and starvation. Below is contact information to contribute to relief efforts:

Send your check to "RI District 3000, c/o Governor M. Elangovan, M D., Hotel Sevana, Tiruchirapalli 620 001." For additional details, contact: Sd.Prof R Panchanadhan, District Secretary, RI District 3000, No 5, 9th Cross, 7th Main, Srinivasanagar, Tiruchirapalli 620 017.

The Rotary Club of Bali Ubud is collecting donations of all kinds for the residents of Aceh in Sumatra, Indonesia. International donors are asked to send money which will then be used to purchase food and essential supplies. Please contact: John Pyle, Dirnah Bungalows, Penestana Kaja, Ubud, Bali 80581, Indonesia.

Sri Lanka:
Gehan de Alwis, Rotary Club of Colombo Regency, c/o Omega Technologies (Private) Limited, # 618 ½, Galle Road, Colombo 3, SRI LANKA (Office), Mobile/ Text: + 94 77 7368820, Email: Gehan MSN ID: or Gehan. The club has also set up a relief Club relief website. Additionally, Lankafood has set up a site for purchasing donations online. Donations will be routed to the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency to help the affected areas.

Please channel all funds through PDG Krit Indhewat or Miss Danucha Pumitavorn, Director, Rotary Centre in Thailand, 32/f Ocean Tower 2, 75-82-83 Soi Watana, Asoke Road, Watana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Tel: (662) 661-6720, Fax: (662) 661-6719.

Read the following letter about the tsunami disaster from RI President Glenn Estess and Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Carlo Ravizza.

29 December 2004
To: 2004-05 District Governors

Dear District Governors:

We are deeply saddened to hear of the recent events in South Asia and we are touched by the commitment of Rotarians to assisting the communities affected by this disaster. We are writing to you today to provide you with information on how you may work through Rotary to make a significant contribution toward alleviating this major humanitarian crisis.

Although Rotary International does not have a fund to provide immediate relief to individuals in times of disaster, RI’s International Service section provides information resources regarding club and district disaster relief efforts on the RI Web site. When informed of local relief initiatives, RI will share updates about these local efforts on the RI Web site. Rotarians wishing to contribute funds and/or donated goods to disaster victims can visit the web site or contact the International Service section to learn about current relief efforts. (Please note that such contributions do not qualify for Rotary Foundation recognition of any kind.)

We also encourage you to work with organizations such as UNICEF and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world to meet the immediate needs of victims affected by the tsunami. We are in the process of exploring ways in which Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation can assist Rotarians in supporting longer term recovery efforts in these areas. Additional information will be posted on the Rotary web site as soon as it becomes available.

It is our hope that with your meaningful and rapid response to this appeal, you will be able to help rebuild the future for hundreds of thousands of innocent people impacted by this crisis. Thank you for your commitment to helping disaster victims. It is Rotarians like you who truly demonstrate Rotary’s motto, “Service Above Self.”


Glenn E. Estess Sr.
RI President
Carlo Ravizza, Trustee Chairman
The Rotary Foundation

14 December 2004
Philippines — Typhoons and Floods

In December, a succession of typhoons and tropical depressions hit the Philippines. At least 939 fatalities have been reported, 752 people were injured, and 837 are reported as missing. Over 32,000 homes were destroyed, 94,477 homes were damaged and an estimated US$75,000,000 worth in damage was caused. The Rotary eClub of 3310 in Singapore, and the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights in the Philippines, are partnering with the Philippine Red Cross to aid the affected communities. To obtain additional information or to send donations, contact: Raymund Catabijan, Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, No. 178 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines, Tel: (632) 426-5611 or (632) 433-5385, Fax: (632) 426-1274. Rotarians in Singapore may send donations to: Edmund Chew, Astrans Singapore Pte Ltd., 14-A Benoi Sector, Singapore 629486, Tel: 65-626-22-577. Cash donations may be sent directly to: "Philippine National Red Cross," Quezon-Lucena City Chapter, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Lucena City Branch (Branch Code 086), Quezon, Philippines.

1 December 2004
Zimbabwe — Famine

Due to the current political and economic crisis, the people of Zimbabwe are facing a severe famine. One third of the 8 million people affected by the famine only have about four meals each week and are suffering from starvation. District 9210 has established a relationship with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and several clubs in the district are collecting funds for the distribution of food throughout the country. At present, the district is distributing maize meal at a rate of 330 grams per person per day. The district is in the process of applying for Matching Grants through The Rotary Foundation and registering a WCS project on the Projects Exchange Database to focus on distributing food to orphans and destitute elderly. The district hopes to collect US$474,000 in order to implement a six-month feeding program. All contributions may be made payable to, “District 9210 Disaster Relief Program,” P.O. BOX HG 60, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe. For more information, please contact Eghbert Wever, Chairman of the Disaster Relief Program, Tel: 263 4 746 559 (Office), 263 4 882 848 (Home); Fax: 263 4 746 212 (Office), 263 4 883 418 (Home). You may also contact PDG Phil Whitehead.

11 November 2004
Japan — Earthquake

On 23 October an earthquake struck Nigata, Japan. Thirty-nine fatalities have been reported and 2,641 people were severely injured. Extensive damage has been caused to residences and public buildings and dangerous conditions have caused road blockages, making it difficult to transport humanitarian aid. Several Rotary clubs near Nagaoka established an on-site relief headquarters to process status reports and requests from club members in the disaster areas. Rotary District 2560 has continued to gather information and keep in touch with governmental agencies to determine local needs. The district is collecting funds for immediate disaster relief and long-term assistance projects. All contributions may be made payable to: "Rotary International D-2560, Chuetsu Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund," Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Disaster Relief Headquarters, Niigata Shokokaigisho Chuo Kaikan, 7-1243 Kamiookawamaedori, Niigata, 951-8068, Japan. For more information please contact: Yoshiro Yokoyama, Tel: 025-228-2560, Fax: 025-228-2540.

20 October 2004
Haiti — Hurricane

In early September, a hurricane devastated Haiti. More than 2,100 fatalities have been reported and 1,250 are still missing. The storm left 250,000 homeless in Haiti's northwest province, which includes the port of Gonaives. Health workers fear a disease epidemic in the country's third-largest city due to overflowing raw sewage, lack of potable water, and infections from injuries. Medical supplies are running out, and some aid trucks were unable to reach the city because part of the road was washed away. The Rotary Club of Palm Bay is working with the American Red Cross to determine the current needs in Haiti. The club is collecting surgical masks, water, and canned meat. The club requests that cash donations be made so they may purchase the necessary items locally. All contributions may be made payable to: “Rotary Club of Palm Bay Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund,” PO Box 0357 Palm Bay, FL 32906-0357. For more information please contact: Carol Heaven-Vega, Tel: 321-722-1897.

22 September 2004
Cayman Islands — Hurricane

In September, the Cayman Islands were devastated by hurricanes. Grand Cayman suffered the most damage of all the islands. At least 45% of the houses were destroyed and 45% were seriously damaged. There is no running water and many residents do not have electricity. Most of the roads were destroyed and only evacuation flights are allowed from the airport. District 7020 is collecting funds to purchase the following goods locally: batteries, drinking water, charcoal, rice, cooking oil, sugar, cream, propane stoves & canisters, canned goods, bread, fruit, cereal, flour, baby food, diapers, and generators. All of these items are also being accepted. Donors will be responsible for covering the cost of transporting goods, and must obtain customs clearance by contacting the district prior to shipping. For a list of current needs please contact Barry Rassin, Tel: 242-327-7318 (Home), 242-302-4765 (Office), 242-424-3650 (Mobile) or Alastair Patterson, Tel: 345-949-6804 (Home), 345-949-5503 (Office), 345-916-0854 (Mobile), P.O. Box 1774 GT, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. All cash contributions may be sent directly to: "Rotary Cayman Islands Hurricane Relief Fund," c/o PDG Barry Rassin, #1 Collins Avenue, P.O. Box N-972, Nassau, Bahamas.

20 September 2004
Jamaica — Hurricane

In September, the island of Jamaica was seriously damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Most of the residents are without power and fresh water and crops have been seriously damaged. District 7020, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Kingston is collecting funds to purchase clothing, food and supplies locally. The district is working with the Red Cross to distribute some of these items immediately. All contributions may be sent directly to: "The Rotary Club of Kingston - Disaster Fund," PO. Box 63, Red Hills, St. Andrew, Jamaica. W.I. For more information, please contact Keith Daley, Tel: 876-968-8038 (Office), 876-944-2278 (Home), 876-381-4025 (Mobile).

20 September 2004
Bahamas — Hurricane

From August to September, the Bahamas were hit by Hurricanes Frances and Ivan and Tropical Storm Jeanne. The storms did extensive damage to property and left hundreds homeless. Parts of the islands still remain without electricity and telephone services. District 7020 is collecting funds to purchase the following goods locally: generators, batteries, drinking water, charcoal, rice, cooking oil, sugar, cream, propane stoves & canisters, canned goods, bread, fruit, cereal, flour, baby food and diapers. Donated goods will be accepted and may be sent to the Rotary Club of Freeport. Donors will be responsible for covering the cost of transporting goods, and must obtain customs clearance by contacting the district prior to shipping. For a list of current needs and shipping address, please contact Eunice Morris, Tel: 242-352-2620 (Office), 242-359-4490 (Home), Fax: 242-352-2610. All cash contributions may be sent directly to: "Rotary - Hurricane Frances Relief Fund," c/o PDG Barry Rassin, #1 Collins Avenue, P.O. Box N-972, Nassau, Bahamas.

15 September 2004
Jamaica — Hurricane

In September, half the island of Jamaica was devastated by Hurricane Ivan. All property on the coast has suffered extensive damages or has been completely destroyed. All low-income housing has been destroyed and the poorest residents on the island do not have homes. Electrical lines are down and most residents do not have power. There was extensive damage to wildlife and most crops have been destroyed. At least 16 fatalities have been reported. The Rotary Club of Negril is collecting funds to purchase materials for the rebuilding of homes. The club will also work with the local council of churches to distribute food throughout the island. All contributions can be sent directly to: "The Rotary Club of Negril", P.O. Box 3028, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica. For more information, please contact Negril Club Secretary Roberta Pryer, Tel: 876 957 0230 (Home), or Negril Club President Gary Caesar: Tel: 876 881 8323 (Home).

15 September 2004
Grenada — Hurricane

In September 2004, Grenada was devastated by Ivan, a category 5 hurricane. Thirty-seven fatalities have been reported and 90 percent of the homes in Grenada have been damaged or completely destroyed. A prison and every police station have been damaged, resulting in the escape of prisoners and extensive looting. Most of the utility poles have been uprooted and almost everyone on the island is without power. Rotary District 7030 will collect and distribute: water, canned food, tarpaulins, bed sheets, generators, construction tools, flashlights and batteries. The district is also collecting cash contributions to purchase necessary items. Contributions may be sent to: "Rotary District 7030 Disaster Fund," c/o District Treasurer Lionel Moe, P.O Box 645C, Bridgetown, Barbados. For more information, please contact: District Secretary Tony Watkins, Tel: 246-430-4450 (Office), 246-436-6741 (Home).

30 August 2004
Florida, USA — Hurricane

In August 2004, Hurricane Charley hit Florida with winds sustained at 140 mph and gusts at 180 mph. There were direct hits to Sanibel/Captiva Island, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and Arcadia. Each of these cities has at least one Rotary club, and more than 300 Rotarians were affected by the disaster. Thirty-three Floridians were killed, thousands were injured, and billions of dollars worth of property was damaged. The district has requested that Rotarians assist in the relief effort and have already received US$84,000 and pledges for another $50,000. District 6960 is collecting funds to assist individuals, including Rotarians, whose homes and businesses were destroyed by the hurricane. The following items will also be purchased and distributed: diapers, toilet paper, wet wipes, blankets, baby food and formula, cleaning supplies, paper products, bug spray, hygiene products, towels, and t-shirts. Contributions for relief efforts can be sent directly to: "Rotary District 6960 — Hurricane Relief Fund" c/o District Governor Jerry L. Hearn, 11011 Water Lily Way, Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202, USA. For more information, please contact DG Hearn, Tel: 941-907-8013.

12 August 2004
Bangladesh — Floods

In mid July and early August, more than two thirds of Bangladesh was affected by severe flooding that lasted around three weeks. Of the 50 million people affected, 30 million are living at the poverty level. Roads and other infrastructure have been badly damaged, crops have been destroyed, water supply and sanitation systems are not functioning, and mud houses and huts have collapsed. UNICEF has estimated the total loss at about US$7 billion. Rotarians in District 3280 have been assisting the communities in need by joining local organizations such as; Coca Cola, Grameen Phone, and Citycell. Food packets, candles, safety matches, clothing, oral re-hydration salts and drinking water have been distributed by local clubs. District 3280 would like to provide aid for destitute women, family run cottage industry, and medical care systems. A Rotary Foundation Matching Grant is being planned for the provision of long-term support. For more information, please contact Governor A.K.M. Shamsudin, Tel: (880) 171-527-077 (Mobile), Fax: (880 2) 881 2925. Financial assistance is requested. Contributions can be sent directly to: "RI District 3280 Disaster Relief Fund," c/o DG A.K.M. Shamsudin, Charukunjo, Apt # 5C, 77 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

4 August 2004
Paraguay — Fire

In early August 2004, a fire broke out in a shopping center in Paraguay. Around 460 were killed and more than 500 were seriously injured. District 4840 is collecting funds, medical supplies, and food in order to assist the community affected. All checks and donated goods may be sent to: Daniel O. Elicetche, Address: Campo Servera y Oddone, Asuncion, Republica Del Paraguay, Tel: (595-21) 661-557 (Office), (595-21) 445-003 (Home), (098) 146-6360 (Mobile). For more information, please contact: Elios Calvo Yelsi (Maria Rosa), Tel: (595-21) 603-187 (Home), (595-21) 210-558 (Office), Address: Narciso R. Colmán 1844, Asuncion, Republica Del Paraguay. Checks may be made payable in US Dollars to: "Rotary Emergencia."


*Please note: Inclusion of a project on the RI Web site does not indicate any endorsement by Rotary International or The Rotary Foundation. Rotary International assumes, but cannot verify, that the clubs included have represented their projects accurately. Donors should always check with the local Rotary club to ascertain the current project needs. Lastly, listing on the RI Web site does not ensure, nor represent a petition for, funding through The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

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