Rotary at 100: Centennial Goals & Timeline Activities


The Rotary Centennial logo!

This logo was one of three finalists posted to give Rotarians the opportunity to help RI choose how Rotary will represent its centennial to the world. Of the 13,052 votes submitted online and through the mail, 6,344 were cast for this version, making it the sole official Rotary Centennial logo.

As the Rotary Centennial approaches, Rotarians around the world are encouraged to focus on three key goals for 2005: eradicating polio, increasing membership to 1.5 million members, and supporting The Rotary Foundation of RI's goal of US$100 per member in donations to the Annual Programs Fund. Once achieved, Rotary will be more capable of spreading goodwill far into its next century of service.

Eradicating Polio The final phase of Rotary's more than 18-year effort to eradicate polio is proving the most difficult and renewed efforts are being made to bridge a US$275 million funding gap. Through Rotary's efforts and those of partner agencies, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children's Fund, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and governments around the world, the world has seen a 99 percent reduction in the number of polio cases worldwide since 1985. Fewer than 10 countries still harbor the poliovirus. Rotary's polio eradication fundraising campaign asks that each club set its own goal to support the campaign. Learn more about the fundraising campaign.

Increasing Membership to 1.5 Million Members In order for Rotary to maintain its status as the premiere service club organization, it is vital that Rotary's membership continue to grow. With just more than 1.2 million members currently, this goal provides an ambitious challenge to clubs around the world to focus their efforts on inviting new community leaders to join the ranks of Rotary service. Learn more about recruiting members.

Reaching $100 Per Capita in Annual Giving To support Rotary's mission, The Rotary Foundation funds world understanding and peace initiatives through local, national, and international humanitarian, education, and cultural programs. In order to continue and expand the good works of the Foundation into the next century, the organization has committed to try to reach an average of $100 by the centennial year. Learn more about The Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary 'Centennial Bell' Circles the Globe

Rotary celebrates 100 years of service in 2005
EVANSTON, ILL — To celebrate Rotary’s centennial year, 2005, a Rotary Centennial Bell will travel to the world’s first 100 Rotary clubs, honoring 100 years of service to communities worldwide.

The Centennial Bell’s voyage to the first 100 Rotary clubs will begin at the Rotary International annual convention held in June 2003 in Brisbane, Australia. It will come full circle, ending at the 2005 Rotary International convention in Chicago, Illinois.
The first 100 Rotary clubs are located in five countries: United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Rotary was founded by Paul Harris in Chicago, Illinois in 1905.
Four additional Centennial Bells, also initiated in Brisbane, will be routed to the first Rotary club in 158 other countries, by regions- Asia/Pacific, Africa, Latin America Caribbean, Europe East. The bells will stop at the Rotary club representing each country joining the organization.

Source: Rotary Int'l press release #42 is District 7150's Syracuse Rotary Club!

Rotary Centennial Timelines

· RI selects Centennial logo with voting process through The Rotarian, magazines and Rotary website.
· Clubs/districts form Centennial Committees and initiate plans
· Clubs support TRF promotion of $100 per capita goal
· Clubs begin Centennial Community Service Project registration/initiation
· Clubs establish membership goals in support of the Centennial goal of 1.5 million members
· Clubs/district initiate Centennial poster contest
· RI mails Centennial Celebration activities materials
· RI Board seeks endorsement of Centennial activities that require Council on Legislation action
· Clubs/districts initiate Centennial essay contest
· Clubs submit Centennial Community Project progress reports to RI
· Governors promote Rotary's Centennial at Rotary Institutes
· Clubs establish membership goals to support Centennial goal of 1.5 million members
· Rotarians register for the 2005 Centennial Convention at the Osaka Convention
· Clubs support TRF promotion of $100 per capita goal
· Clubs initiate a "twin club" relationship with a club in another country to promote international service and fellowship
· RI starts the Centennial Bell Around the World project - a special bell to travel to all districts of the world much like the Olympic flame, culminating at the 2005 Convention in Chicago
· RI Board to obtain Council on Legislation endorsement of Centennial activities
· RI to introduce and begin sales of Rotary Centennial History Book at 2004 International Assembly
· RI selects winners of the Centennial poster contest
· RI mails Centennial Celebration promotional materials

Centennial Year
· Clubs establish membership goals to support Centennial goal of 1.5 million members
· Districts hold district conferences with Centennial emphasis
· Clubs support TRF promotion of $100 per capita goal
· RI President addresses the United Nations (tentative)
· RI to offer series of educational club programs on Rotary history
· RI to select winners of the Centennial essay contests
· RI to begin Centennial traveling displays transported by appropriate Rotary Fellowships
· RI secures statements of congratulations from world political/religious leaders by 1 January 2005

Official Celebration Begins
February 2005 - Centennial Month
· Clubs/districts hold observances emphasizing heritage of Rotary
· Clubs mount public displays during World Window Week, the week in which Rotary's birthday falls
· Clubs display Centennial banners and posters in communities worldwide
· RI holds worldwide video/webcast to celebrate Rotary's 100th birthday
· RI launches a worldwide promotional campaign
March 2005
· Clubs complete Centennial Community Projects and submit reports
April 2005
· Clubs hold Centennial "Service Above Self" Volunteer Project Month
May 2005
· RI holds a Worldwide Peace Symposium utilizing Rotary World Peace Scholars
June 2005
· RI holds Convention, Chicago, Illinois - sharing statements of support from world leaders
· RI to dedicate the Centennial Commemorative Statue in Chicago, IL & offers tours of One Rotary Center

Get ready to celebrate!

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